by Tommy Becker / TAPE NUMBER ONE



This work is about the death of color in contemporary art and my attempts as a teacher to connect young artists with its power. The video pays tribute to three modern artists, Picasso, Rothko and van Gough, each of whom is renowned for engaging a particular hue during their lives.

Pablo Picasso spent four years in a predominantly blue palate after his good friend Carlos Casagemas shot himself at Paris café. Mark Rothko, who took his life at the age of sixty-six, struggled to tame the color red throughout many of his most famous works including, “Four Darks in Red”. Vincent van Gough became infatuated with the color yellow while surrounded by its prominence in the landscape of Arles, France. It was here that Vincent completed some of his most famous works including his depictions of sunflowers.

"The paintings of the Impressionists, constructed with pure colors, proved to the next generation that these colors, while they might be used to describe objects or the phenomena of nature, contain within them, independently of the objects that they serve to express, the power to affect the feelings of those who look at them" - Henri Matisse


released January 1, 2013
written, recorded and performed by Tommy Becker



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TAPE NUMBER ONE San Francisco, California

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